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To place your 'wanted' advertisement, simply fill in the interactive form below.

Your requirements will be stored on our database and matched on a daily basis. As matching sellers are found, their details will be mailed or E-mailed to you.

Your advertisement will also be published (within 24 hours) on our internet database which is visited constantly by prospective sellers.

When you have bought the item you are looking for (whether through one of our introductions or not) or if you decide to stop looking, please advise us promptly, by E-mailing, telephoning 01534-887711 or faxing 01534-768330, so we can keep the database as up to date as possible. This will also prevent your time and the time of others from being wasted.

Buyers are usually charged a UK 6 annual account subscription (this allows you to place as many wanted advertisements as you like, free of charge for a full year), but if you have never used us before, we are willing to put your first requirement on for up to 13 weeks free of charge to show you how good we are!

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