The Island of Jersey - Beaches and Bays

1. Gorey Beach
Very popular, especially with children, lots of sand and no stones. Good facilities, toilets, shop, cafe and a great view of Mont Orgueil Castle.

2. Anne Port Bay
Quite a peaceful bay, a mix of sand and pebbles - lots of rockpools. Not very popular with crowds - a relaxing time to be had.

3. Havre de Fer
The next bay around from Anne Port and exceptionally unheard of. As you would expect, VERY quiet - definitely no crowds.

4. Archirondel
Another East Coast Bay, not as sandy as some, has its fair share of stones but otherwise very good. Not a lot of facilities.

5. Bouley Bay
Very beautiful once you get there. DON'T WALK OR CYCLE unless you are extremely fit. It's not getting there, it's getting back up the hill that will finish you off. Also the home of Hill Climbing and Car Rallies.

6. Bonne Nuit Bay
Quite a pebbly beach, with a jetty for your boat, toilets and a telephone, with a hotel and bar at the top. Fairly popular.

7. Fliquet Bay
Lovely and peaceful. A mix of sand and pebbles.

8. Rozel Bay
Has its own small harbour, popular with fishermen and tourists. Strange combination but true !

9. Greve de Lecq
Lovely bay, especially when windy as it is very sheltered. It is very popular with tourists and locals. Good facilities and good walking tracks.

10. St. Ouen's Bay
Jersey's largest bay, five miles long. Always quiet because of its size (except during the Surfing Championships). Only one of three that is patrolled by beachguards (summer months only). It is very popular and attracts the large surfing community of Jersey, along with all its after dark entertainment at 'The Watersplash' and 'Sands'

11. Saint Brelade's Bay
Jersey's most famous and popular beach. Very popular with all ages, although it can be a bit of a posers' bay and you will still occassionally see a knotted hanky and rolled up trousers. Has every amenity, plenty of cafes, shops, bars and home of The Beau Rivage Hotel, located directly on the beachfront.

12. Ouaisne
Can be reached by walking from St Brelade's Bay, very popular. It has good facilities and the famous 'Smugglers Inn'. Excellent food.

13. Portelet Bay
Beautiful but busy. Has a cafe/shop with toilets and telephone. Watch out for the tide - you can walk to Janvrin's Tomb (a small isle in the bay) when the tide is out, but be careful you don't get cut off by the upcoming tide. If you do, don't panic - it won't get high enough to cover you, just wait for 3 hours or so till the water receeds.
Warning: Don't take your grandmother unless she is used to abseiling or mountaineering! Very tough climb on the way back for the unfit.

14. St Aubin's Bay
A very large stretching beach with many different cafes and shops along the way. At the end, is St Aubin's Harbour, which really is beautiful. Also the pub which featured in the TV series BERGERAC is found here.

15. Havre des Pas
Town beach, sandy but with lots of stones and pebbles. Very busy even on cloudy days. Has a sea water pool, which is good when the tide is out, otherwise it can mean a two mile walk to have a swim.

16. Green Island
Very popular and very busy, especially with children. All facilities available. Be wary about getting cut off by the tide, though. It is easily done.

These are 16 out of the 29 worth mentioning. There are many others worth mentioning, but I won't because two of them are my favourites and I want to keep them that way. However, I can't stop you from discovering them yourself, so feel free if you think you can find them.
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