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AdMatch Classifieds is Britain's only established COMPUTERISED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT BUREAU. Our computer matches people who want to buy with people who want to sell and introduces them to each other. We don't actually buy, sell, store or display goods ourselves. We are an increasingly popular and effective advertising medium, just a 'phone-call away from every prospective buyer and seller in the country. Since we opened for business in September 1983, tens of thousands of households from Land's End to John O'Groats have successfully used our service for buying and selling almost anything you can think of - from a MOUSE to a HOUSE ! All advertisements placed with us are now also published within hours on the Internet at : and soon it will be possible to place advertisements directly on our computer, over the Internet using an interactive response form, rather than phoning us.

Why advertise on our computer rather than in a conventional publication ?

Firstly, we can have your for-sale or wanted advertisement "on-line", nationwide, so much faster and so much more fully described than any other advertising medium. Secondly, if our superior speed fails to find you a satisfactory match quickly, then we give you a much longer period of exposure for far less cost than any other conventional advertising medium. And thirdly our uniquely personal "matching" service saves hours (or even weeks) of your time scanning and following up brief or inadequate classified ads published elsewhere.

How do I place an advertisement on your computer ?

A single call is all that's needed. Simply telephone us anytime between 8:45am & 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday, or until 6pm on Friday or 12 noon on Saturday, and speak to one of our assistants. At other times, leave your name & number on our answer-machine and we'll gladly call you back.

If you have never used us before, we start by opening an account in your name. This takes less than a minute and only has to be done the first time you ring us. It's essential you give us a contact 'phone number to be passed on to the people who are matched up to you. Having created your account (or having found your account, if you're already a client), we then ask for details of what you're looking for, or have for sale and key this information into the computer whilst you're speaking to us. The more detail you give us, the more precise the computer matching. For clients who may not have all the necessary information to hand on the telephone or might wish to take a while to consider their advertisement, we are happy to send a specific advertisement questionnaire for completion at home. It can be mailed or faxed back to us at your convenience.

As soon as all the particulars are in the computer, it straight away searches for suitable matches in your price range. Any matches introduced to you will live in the local area(s) you have specified. We also mail you a print-out, the same day, confirming everything we have told you on the 'phone and enclosing details of any matches found. Where time permits, the details of matching buyers or sellers can be read out to you over the telephone. It's up to you to make your own appointments to meet with your matches and arrange for the inspection of goods. If your matches don't ring you, THEN YOU SHOULD RING THEM. Don't be shy!

Whether we find any instant matches for you or not (and we can give NO guarantee in this regard of course), the computer keeps matching up your wanted or for-sale item continuously, for several weeks at least. Exactly how long for, varies according to your wishes as a buyer or according to your price range as a seller; generally, the higher the value, the longer the period of matching. You can always make small amendments to your advertisement (including the price), FREE OF CHARGE. As a further part of our service, sellers are notified weekly, by mail, of every new prospective buyer, who expresses genuine interest in the item for sale.

Couldn't be easier, we say!

How much will this service cost me as a BUYER ?

We frequently run a promotion, where using us for the first time is FREE. This encourages new clients to try us out and provides an opportunity to see how well our system works. After that, BUYERS pay a nominal annual subscription (just 6) towards our postage and telephone costs. Having paid this small subscription, BUYERS then enjoy constant access to all the FOR-SALE advertisements on our computer, placing their own WANTED ads, and otherwise using our service as a BUYER, as often as required ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE for a whole year.

How much will the service cost me as a SELLER ?

SELLERS pay a modest sliding-scale fee, calculated on the asking price of the item to be sold. We ALWAYS quote you our EXACT fee before you commit yourself to placing any advertisement with us and we are more than happy, on request, to send you this personal fee-quote in writing, before you decide. Our charge is payable in full at the time of placing your advertisement. If it's not practicable for you to pay us by credit card, we naturally accept payment by cheque, postal order or cash but this will inevitably delay matters for you, as we do not give out matches until full payment has been received. Savings tip :- regardless of where you live, NO V.A.T. is chargeable on advertising services provided from the Channel Islands (current saving = 17.5%).

Once you have agreed our fee and placed your advertisement, we begin working for you. After that point, our fee cannot be cancelled, credited or refunded just as it would not be refundable had you advertised with any other conventional medium. The only exception to this rule is for a "first-time client" who claims to have agreed a verbal contract with us "in ignorance" or "on impulse". They may cancel within 48 hours, on condition they have been given no reasonable matches by the computer prior to cancelling and provided they promptly confirm to us, in writing, their reason for wanting to cancel.

And when I have bought or sold ?

There is NEVER anything more to pay to us on concluding a sale or purchase OR on cancelling an advertisement. So, we ask you to tell us immediately you have bought or sold (whether through us or not) or even if you simply change your mind about buying or selling at all. We need your help to keep our records as up-to-date as possible in order to avoid wasting people's time, including your own of course. So please keep us informed by 'phoning-in to us promptly or by sending in one of our postage-paid update cards, which also give you a FREE entry in our regular prize-draw as well as a discount off your next FOR-SALE advertisement.

Extra advice to sellers

To get the best results from your classified "for sale" advertisement, remember that it may be competing with other similar items for sale. So try to make it "stand out" by describing it in detail and mentioning its special features. For example, if a car has a sun-roof and electric windows, then say so. Remember that if buyers have several matches to choose from, they will look first at those that seem to offer the best value for money.


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